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Nice to meet you!

Hello, I'm P.J. Michael, Patricia Jean to those who wonder, and the sole practitioner at Lotus Reiki. As a mother of three, wife, Instructional Designer, Reiki Master, Sound Therapist, and an intentional living enthusiast, I wear numerous hats.

My search for spiritual enlightenment led me to Reiki. Though I grew up Catholic, I yearned for more spiritual experiences. This spiritual yearning steered me along diverse paths that transformed my life's outlook beautifully. While I practice Catholicism alongside Energy Healing, you don't need to identify with any specific religion to gain from its benefits. My clientele is a vibrant mix of various backgrounds and belief systems. This diversity is what makes our world wonderfully imperfect and delightful. What I love most about this practice is its inclusiveness and its foundation in love.

Experiences with energy healing, sound therapy, and mindfulness have been transformative for me. My journey to share these gifts with others began with my first healing attunement, a milestone that marked the inception of Lotus Reiki in 2021. Since then, I've broadened my services to include Angelic Reiki, Sound Healing, Traditional Reiki, Mindful Intention, Crystal Therapy, and Breathwork. Refer to my testimonial page to hear directly from individuals who have experienced these sessions.

With a Master's in Instructional Design, my day job is within a Professional Services Firm where I design eLearning and virtual live classrooms. Though some label me a Jill of many trades, I prefer viewing it as keeping my glass full and colorful.

Beyond professional life, I have a soft spot for transforming my home into a lush botanical garden and pumpkin patch. The ambiance created by plant life radiates joy and inner peace, for me. Being a crystal enthusiast, I make and occasionally sell crystal suncatchers.


I look forward to our paths crossing someday! If you choose to visit, you’ll immediately notice the calming aroma of palo santo and other incense. Thanks for dropping by.

My Life's Aesthetic

Accredited Certifications

Master of Science | Instructional Design
Bachelor of Science | Marketing | Minor: Business Administration
Reiki Master RMT
Sound Therapy
Angelic Reiki

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