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Accredited Certifications
Reiki Practitioner
Sound Healing and Sound Therapy
Master of Science | Instructional Technology
Bachelor of Science | Marketing & Business Administration

Crystal Therapy Student

P.J. Michael

Above are my "work" titles, in real life, I'm a wife, mother of 2 boys, Frenchie dog mom, and soon to be new mom of a baby girl. One would say I thrive in chaos. ;-) . I'm super outgoing, playful, a little wild, a bit eccentric, and always up for laughs.. If you're looking for stern and serious, you're at the wrong place, "because it ain't me you're looking for, babe."


When I'm not pregnant or tending to my flock, you can find me listening to my favorite music, sipping on an extra dirty martini and soaking up mother nature. I love the outdoors, planting herbs & flowers, and taking in the beautiful scenery around me. Thus why my home is located in the woods, on top of a large hill (I rarely leave). 

I love crystals, sound therapy instruments and metaphysical goodies. I've been fascinated with these items since I was a little girl. I have vivid memories of living my best life at the Renaissance Faire and pretending that was my real life. So I'm doing the next best thing and creating my own version. Furthermore, adding the things I love back into my life has truly helped heal and realign my inner child.

I found energy healing while on my path of spiritual enlightenment. Spiritual books, experiences and messages kept showing up in my life. I took the many instances as a sign to begin this next chapter as a healer, because I felt the calling to help others. I'm always reading, learning, and trying new techniques. I always tell everyone, you'll never have the same experience when you walk through the doors of Lotus Reiki!

I look forward to meeting you one day!

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