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What people are saying...

"I felt amazing after each session and for a long time following the sessions. If you are looking to release negative energy or blockages, book a session and you will be feeling lighter afterwards. The welcoming and relaxing vibe adds so much to the experience." - Alexandra E.

"I just had my second session with PJ and she is absolutely amazing. She has such a beautiful, vibrant and calming energy that truly helps transmute and heal built up energy and blockages to open and balance your chakras." - Ashley B

"I had an amazing experience with PJ! She is a natural and super personable. From the moment you arrive, she makes you feel comfortable and at ease. I can’t wait for my next appointment!" -  Katrina C.

"I had an absolutely AMAZING experience! I really feel like a weight has been lifted since my session & I just overall feel so much better, especially mentally." - Brittany O.

"PJ is amazing! I had no idea what to expect going into my session, but she was so thorough with explaining how reiki works and its healing properties. It was the perfect way to relieve stress and help put things in my life into perspective. It was a healing session that I didn’t expect and didn’t know I needed, but it was an incredible experience. I have already booked my next few sessions and I’m really looking forward to them." - Stephanie L.

"I had my first session last night and felt so much lighter after! P.J. took the time to explain the whole process and put me completely at ease. It was very relaxing and enjoyable, but also fascinating to just take a moment to realize that energy is always flowing through us all of the time! I will certainly be returning as I am always curious about alternative ways to calm my soul." - Christine P.

"Highly recommend to anyone that’s looking for a way to deal with everyday life stressors in a more positive way or trying to recovery from a traumatic experience. PJ makes you feel comfortable and relaxed the moment you arrive. I left my reiki session with a clearer and accepting mindset. It has really helped both physically and emotionally." - Dave A.

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